In the context of the enormous ferment currently occurring in the global economy, the economies of the ASEAN region are becoming increasingly important. Enormous developments have occurred especially in the two-wheel and four-wheel vehicle industries, and demand for the local procurement of automobile bearings is constantly growing.

With the aim of providing the finest quality, prices, delivery time and services, NACHI TECHNOLOGY (THAILAND) CO., LTD.(NTTC) is actively responding to the needs of our customers to the background of our product superiority and high technical levels. On the basis of a system that gives first priority to quality and ensures that delivery dates are rigorously observed, NTTC has established a basic for the production of bearings on the ASEAN market.

Ever since it was first established, Nachi-Fujikoshi has been engaged in the development of product capable of responding to the needs of a diversifying market, employing the varied technical capacity the company has development over the years, and it is in this way that Nachi-Fujikoshi has contributed to the development of the manufacturing industry. We are engaged in more than just the production and sale of bearings.

We also provide Nachi products including tools, production machinery, robot hydraulics, materials and industrial furnaces for use in a wide variety of fields.

Functional Parts that Support Safety, Reliability and Comfort.
Cutting Tools and
Machine Tools
Contributing to the Develoment of Machining through Machinery and Tools
Hydraulic Equipment
Along with constantly improving performance, industrial machines continue to become increasingly sophisticated.

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